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Arengos Garden Housing

Arengo’s Garden Housing, Gibraltar

Año: 2016-En construcción

Superficie: 6.000 m2.

José Luis Pérez Halcón
Francisco Santisteban
Denis Mosquera
Alejandro Reina
Iván García
Ignacio Albarracín
Miguel Pachón
Fernando Prieto
Teresa Valenzuela
María Blanco
Verónica Ceballos

70 luxury homes integrated in nature reserve of Gibraltar rock.
The site is located towards the southern end of peninsula, high up on the western slopes of the Rock of Gibraltar.
The site is currently occupied by an existing dwelling, called as Arengo’s House and well-known as ‘Palace Gully’, next to the storey Car Park Known as ‘Arengos Car Park’, the New School Prior Park and the Sacred Heart Parish Church.
The access to this specific area is led up from the junction of Castle Road and Willis’s Road to the Car Park. The site enjoys spectacular views of the Bay of Gibraltar, looking across to the Straits and Africa beyond, and today has become a desirable premier location for high and quality properties some of which are occupied or targeted by high ‘Net Worth Individuals’.
The construction is developing over the lower existing floor, so is not necessary any excavation. As part of our on site investigations we have studied this landmark feature, in some details.
The plot consists of a relatively steep sloping site with several platforms where are the levels of the existing house. Also exist lateral stairs to communicate the existing levels.
In the design of the new building we got nine levels, being two of them ground floor due to the slope of the exterior road, both of them will be the entry to people and vehicles. In this way we use strategic points to the vehicles traffics avoiding an interior ramp.
The next two levels are apartments, due to these floors have the most extension area, most of them will have gardens and roofs. Also the rest of levels will be designed as apartments, the most of them will have views to the landscape of the bay, and the rest to the green mountain. The apartments of the last floor will have part in the highest floor with a natural green garden with native plants.
All floors will be communicated with the same elevator and stairs, and every floor will share the same void to get the corridor a natural ventilation. The existing lateral stairs will be rebuild to be empleoy in fire emergency. The shape of the buiding has been being thought and changed while the project was being developed. At the beginning the facades of the building were designed through vertical arcs with different amplitudes, and all of them had an height from the fourth floor until the highest floor.