Since our founding in 2009, we have established ourselves as an architectural firm that combines creativity and technical expertise to deliver exceptional solutions. With a team of more than 30 professionals, including architects, engineers and design experts, we are distinguished by our total commitment to our clients. This commitment is reflected in our meticulous attention to design, regulatory compliance, on-time delivery and respect for our environment, as well as our continuous care for all our stakeholders, ensuring strong relationships and mutual benefits with each stakeholder group.


Francisco Santisteban Serrano & José Luis Pérez Halcón.

Paco Santisteban

Arquitecto Socio. Cofounder. CEO

Juan José Garrido

Arquitecto. Jefe del Área de Urbanismo

Javier Ortiz.

Arquitecto. BIM Manager

Raquel Ramos

Arquitecta. BIM Modeler

Gabriel Camacho

Arquitecto. BIM Coordinator

Antonio Benítez

Aparejador. Lead Construction

Inmaculada López Sánchez

Administración. Secretaria

José Luis Pérez

Arquitecto Socio. Cofounder. CEO

María Blanco

Arquitecta. BIM Manager

Augusto Suárez

Delineante. BIM Modeler

Mercedes Tobar

Architecture. BIM Master

Maru Amarante

Arquitecta Senior. BREEAM Expert

Ana López

Delineante. BIM Modeler

Fco Javier Bernal

Director Técnico. Arquitecto

Manuel Carrasco

Arquitecto. BIM Analyst

Ignacio J. Martín

Arquitecto. BIM Coordinator

Beatriz Gallardo


Ignacio Albarracín

Aparejador. Lead Construction

Dana Campano

Geógrafa. Departamento de Urbanismo

Antonio Laguna

Arquitecto. Lead Designer

Iván García.

Arquitecto.  CAD Manager

María Cimiano

Arquitecta. BIM Coordinator

Francisco Serrano

Director Financiero

Álvaro Plá López

Arquitecto. BIM Modeler

Mónica Avedillo Feria.

Arquitecta. Departamento de Urbanismo