T10 is made up of a highly qualified and multidisciplinary team with more than 30 professionals including architects and engineers, plus others from Design and Fine Arts who use the most advanced techniques in 3D development, Virtual Reality and BIM work methodology in their projects, leaving their mark of differential brand at the best level of architecture in our country.

Another differentiating aspect is the interesting complementarity of its founding partners Francisco Santisteban Serrano and José Luis Pérez Halcón, who have been contributing, for more than 15 years, creativity, transgressive genius in design and detail, together with efficiency, meticulousness, rigour in the technical execution of projects and cost control.

The best thing about T10 are the people who make it up. A committed team that will give one hundred percent to carry out a job well done, seeking excellence and never losing their smile.

Francisco B. Santisteban Serrano

Arquitecto Socio. Cofounder. CEO

Registered architect nº 5.955 of the COA of Seville. Co-founder of T10. Doctor in Architecture by the ETSA. San Telmo International Institute. Master in Management Strategies. Paco is colour. Design. Avant-garde. Curve. Having worked for more than ten years in the field of architecture, he is an experienced architect. Teacher and businessman. Specialist in the design of large projects. Transgressor is his middle name. The artist as an inner capacity. Public relations.

José Luis Pérez Halcón

Arquitecto Socio. Cofounder. CEO

Registered architect nº 5.456 COA of Seville. Co-founder of T10. Experienced architect, with more than twenty years of work in the field of architecture behind him. He has developed more than 300 projects. In constant search for perfection in detail, José Luis is a lover of rationalism, precision, simplicity and elegance. He provides the adaptation to the functional programme, the coherent finish and the resolution of problems from their roots. He has several publications, including his participation in the book “Sevilla 1995-2005. Arquitectura de una década” as well as in different specialised magazines.

Fco Javier Bernal

Arquitecto. Project Manager

Javier is an architect with more than 15 years of experience in different types of projects: residential, hotel, leisure parks and many others. He is in charge of the general organisation of the projects in the studio.

In his free time he likes to enjoy a day at the beach with his family. For this reason, he is the person in charge of most of the projects located on the Costa del Sol.

Juan José Garrido

Arquitecto Urbanista

Juanjo coordinates the building projects that require a long route while he is also in charge of the urban planning area of the firm, analyzing the feasibility of the urban development of land and drafting planning. To this end, he spends part of his time in spreadsheets and regulatory analysis. He has participated in the drafting of general and development planning, urbanization and reparcelling projects and large building projects. He has developed part of his career in the Junta de Andalucía, where he reported planning, was part of the Cabinet of the Director General of Urbanism and later was part of the Corps of Inspectors of Land Management and Urbanism. He likes to do things from the general to the particular and not to do the same job twice.

“The reward for a job well done is the opportunity to do more jobs well done” (Jonas Edward Salk).

Antonio Laguna

Arquitecto. Project Manager

After a decade working in Europe, Africa and South America, Antonio has consolidated in T10 a special intuition in starting projects, with a great ability to conceptualise the client’s desires and develop strategic approaches. In 2015 he joined T10 to lead the design team. From his desk come the first drawings of the projects that, hopefully, will be developed within the office. Antonio is the creative extension of Paco Santisteban (Co-Founder of T10). During these years of fruitful collaboration, a special connection has taken shape between them, through which, almost without speaking, ideas pass from Paco’s head to Antonio’s hand. He is the author of the ephemeral architecture project Luces de barrio, winner of the II Architecture Awards of the Official College of Architects of Seville 2011-2015, in the category of Design of open spaces and landscape architecture. This set of interventions has also been selected for the 9th International Biennial of Landscape and Architecture in the category of Urban Regeneration. Several of his projects have been catalogued by the Arquía Foundation (Imperfect Future and Relevant Practices).

María S. Blanco

Arquitecta BIM Manager

He has more than fifteen years of professional experience developing projects of different sizes. She began training as a BIM Architect in 2013 in different teams in Santiago de Chile, absorbing the Chilean structural rigour through collaborations in projects by Germán del Sol, Cazú Zegers or the 2016 Pritzker Prize winner Alejandro Aravena, and since 2017 as BIM Manager in Seville, enjoying the challenges posed by T10 when mixing madness and tradition. She is our Legolas de la Judería.

“A day without a smile is a day lost” (Charles Chaplin).

Jacobo Otero

Arquitecto Senior. Project Manager

Experienced architect and project manager with more than 17 years of experience in high-end luxury property construction projects in Spain and international markets. Handling with ease project management tools in drafting and coordinating architectural work and implementing project management processes are his strengths, that, and sailing under sail.

Iván García


Architect, Master in urbanism, planning and urban design, Superior Technician in occupational risk prevention and Health and Safety Coordinator, he considers himself a versatile, perfectionist, meticulous and involved professional.

Only 4.5 km separate two of Iván’s passions, the T10 office and the Real Betis Balompié stadium. After several years belonging to more modest clubs and moulding his professional profile, he joins the ranks of T10 under the guidance of an old acquaintance, Juanjo Garrido. The international projection of the studio and the desire to do important things quickly convinced him that this was the right place for him.

Javier Ortiz

Arquitecto BIM Manager

Architect with more than five years of experience. Specialist in BIM methodology. He has collaborated on internationally awarded BIM projects. In addition to his professionalism at work, he was responsible for setting up the LaLiga T10 table tennis championship in the studio and for organising afterworks at Goiko Grill.

Manuel J. Carrasco

Arquitecto BIM

Architect and professional master in BIM project development and management. With extensive experience in small studios, he developed a high capacity to take care of each and every detail of the architectural project. This has given him an unconventional, highly specialised and at the same time versatile profile. Manu divides the little free time his children leave him between the Beatles, Easter and Star Wars.

Augusto Suárez


Extensive experience in building projects and linear works. Worked for four years in the Middle East specialising in BIM projects, Riyadh Islamic University (KSA), Doha Metro (QATAR). He claims to be a Saudi by adoption. He is a draftsman, a film buff and a music lover. He is a lover of home and computer DIY.

Ignacio J. Martín

Arquitecto BIM

Architect by the University of Seville. Extensive professional experience designing and managing projects in BIM methodology. He began his work developing residential and hotel projects under the tutelage of our Creative Director Antonio Laguna. Due to his drive he quickly had to let it evolve and take on bigger challenges. To this day they still share musical tastes.

María Cimiano

Arquitecta Master BIM

Architect with a Master’s Degree in BIM from Autodesk, specialising in Revit. Master’s degree in Expertise and Rehabilitation in existing buildings from the University of Seville. She has experience as a BIM modeller (ARQ, STR and MEP). She is a person with great capacity, but also with enthusiasm and commitment. A difficult to replace piece in the structure of the office. Fond of intrigue and deduction, like Sherlock Holmes, she loves to solve difficult cases.

Raquel Ramos

Arquitecta BIM

Graduated in architecture by the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura of Seville, Raquel integrates in the studio’s design team, where most of the projects carried out by the studio are originated. Within T10, she is responsible for various tasks: BIM modeling, infographics development, planimetry, reports, videos, visual content, etc. This provides her with a rich skillset to bring to the team.

Among her hobbies, the one that occupies most of her free time is board gaming, helping her to develop great skills in fitting bathrooms thanks to her abilities to solve puzzles.

Mª De Las Mercedes Tobar Moreno


Architect graduated from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Sevilla and specialised in the development of BIM projects through a master’s degree. Her work experience has been developed in diverse areas such as an interior design studio, an engineering studio and a city council, until becoming part of the T10 team. She is particularly interested in refurbishment and energy efficiency projects. Great climber.

Beatriz Gallardo


T10 has been lucky enough to have her since 2016. Beatriz is a proactive, planned, responsible and dedicated secretary. She has a wealth of experience that she continues to develop on a daily basis. She supports the Founders of T10 and the different Teams, developing administrative and accounting functions under multiple demands. She takes the utmost care of confidentiality, working with great discretion, being resolute, detail oriented and with the ability to meet objectives on time.

“Sometimes we feel that what we do is just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean would be less if it lacked that drop” (Mother Teresa of Calcutta).

Francisco Serrano Domenech

Director Financiero. CFO

MBA from San Telmo Business School. He has extensive professional experience that has led him to know different sectors until reaching the architecture (consulting, health and university), he joined the T10 team in 2021 with the aim of helping in the business management of the study, starting with the financial control and trying to contribute his bit in the professionalization of the different areas of the company. The goal is to help make T10 a sustainable business over time.

“It is not necessary to do extraordinary things to achieve extraordinary results” (Warren Buffett).

Gabriel Camacho Rodriguez

Arquitecto BIM

Architect by the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Sevilla, specialised in BIM methodology by the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid. He has extensive experience working in BIM environment developing large and complex residential, leisure and hotel projects. Lover of the horse world and with an easy way of socialising, this is where he develops his potential inside and outside the studio. A real “city cowboy”.

María Eugenia Amarante

Arquitecta Senior. BREEAM Expert

With a master’s degree in Environment and Bioclimatic Architecture, Maru is an architect specialised in bioclimatism and energy efficiency with 14 years of experience in national and international architecture and urban planning.

Back to Seville and recently arrived from Equatorial Guinea to T10 to continue growing. Technical advisor in the improvement of the adaptation of the BREEAM system for the application in Spain.