Hotel Océano Health-Spa 4* Tenerife

Imagen de Proyecto

Year: 2019

Area: 9.000 m2.

Francisco Buenaventura Santisteban Serrano
José Luis Pérez Halcón

Project managers:
Ignacio Martín
Jacobo Otero

Antonio Laguna
Manuel Carrasco
Manuel Luengo
Ignacio Albarracín

Is it possible to renovate a 97 room hotel in only 6 months without interfering with the clients?

This was the premise that the owners of the Hotel Océano asked us in our first meeting, and answering with a resounding YES we started the new Hotel Océano located in Punta Hidalgo in the north of Tenerife in a natural setting characterized by infinite horizons and the ruggedness of the volcanic rock.

The redesign of the Hotel Océano seeks integration into the landscape, creating a series of bands in the slabs to enhance the horizontality and waves of the ocean that together with the access pergolas, the restaurant and the lounge give a new identity to the hotel.

The intervention reinforces the duality of the building and the difference in character that the east and west facades have, to see and to be seen, the first being the one that gives access to the hotel and defines its image, while the second is the one that overlooks the Atlantic and the sunset, therefore, much more permeable as it is the one enjoyed by the rooms.

To this end, a powerful sculptural canopy is generated to welcome guests, perforated with the hotel’s corporate motifs, while to the west the façade opens up even more to achieve direct contact with the horizon. To the north and south, the facades are closed to protect them from the prevailing winds.