Hotel Sentido Benalmádena Beach 4*

Imagen de Proyecto

Year: 2016-2018

Area: 7.500m2

Francisco Buenaventura Santisteban Serrano
José Luis Pérez Halcón

Project managers:
Alberto Portillo
Miguel Pachón

Antonio Laguna
Javier Ortiz
Maria Luisa Ovelar
Ignacio Martín
Manuel Lería
Ignacio Albarracín

Located on the beachfront, this hotel has witnessed one of the most radical transformations of the Spanish twentieth century. As a result of the tourist boom of the 1960s, the Costa del Sol went from being an area on the fringes of the country’s productive system to becoming its main destination for international tourism.

The old Hotel Villasol, like many of these hotel establishments, began to become obsolete and the possibility of a complete renovation was considered.

In this context the rehabilitation of the old Hotel Villasol and its transformation into the new Hotel Sentido is understood as an opportunity to improve the relationship of the building with its surroundings, integrate it into the natural and urban landscape of the N-340 and enhance the connections between the city and the seafront.

In section, the building adapts to a terrain that is simple in appearance, although complex due to its unevenness. Orienting all the rooms to the best views of the Mediterranean, the building is protected from the north by closing its facade to Antonio Machado Avenue and opens to the south through large balconies.

One of the facades is facing north, the most sculptural, and the south facade, with its dynamic rooms, is the one facing the sea.