Modification of the PGOU of Gines

Modification of the PGOU of Gines for change of use of plot + Integral Technical Assistance + Project and Management of Building Works

The purpose of the Modification is to make possible the implementation of limited-price subsidised housing (VPPL) on a plot earmarked by the current planning for tourist flats.

By introducing housing on land where it is not planned, it is necessary for the developer to provide land to reserve it for the General System of Open Spaces (SGEL), which will become public use and domain.

With the number of dwellings proposed, there is an area of land necessary for SGEL that was not feasible to implement on the plot itself along with the dwellings. As a first option, financial compensation to the City Council was studied so that it could allocate the amount to obtain the necessary land in another location in the municipality, an option provided for in the LOUA, but it was discarded because of its high cost. As a second option, it was considered the possibility of establishing a real estate complex in such a way that the public land of the SGEL would be on the ground floor, under the dwellings and above their private basement.

The plot has a surface area of 3,000 m2s and the computable buildable area is 9,000 m2c.