Urban Project of an Aquatic Park in Marbella

Special Plan for the implementation of an Aquatic Park on urban land in Marbella + Integral Technical Assistance + Project and Construction Works Management

The purpose of this Special Plan is:

1. To analyse the possible impact of the implementation of the activity of the Water Park on the immediate surroundings and in relation to environmental and sectoral regulations.

This objective of improving the urban environment falls within the framework of the provisions of Article 14.1.b of Law 7/2002, of 17 December, of Urban Planning of Andalusia for Special Plans as well as Article 82 of the Regulation of Urban Planning approved by Royal Decree 2159/1978 of 23 June.

Within the framework of this analysis of possible incidents, the improvements to the road network determined in this Special Plan and which the developer undertakes to carry out are included.

It is also the purpose of this Special Plan to contemplate the forecasts of connections for installations, taking into account the existing infrastructures.

2. To resolve the urban development aspects in relation to the detailed planning of the area.

The return to the validity of a General Plan more typical of the period in which it was drafted, not updated to the current regulatory framework and with certain complex determinations in terms of its practical application means that the figure of a Special Plan for the implementation of an Aquatic Park serves to clarify the urban planning aspects and thus provide legal certainty to the action.